Celebrating at the end of the Color Me Rad Run in Phoenix.

Just a little about me

So who am I? I’m Michelle Ponto and I’m a WBFF athlete / NPC Bikini athlete, adrenaline junkie and adventurer.  I’m also the author of  a fitness book  called “Buff Dad” and a full-time journalist. But mostly I run…a lot.

The whole “running a lot” thing is why I created this blog.  I’ve traveled all over the world and  everywhere I go, I run.  I’m not fast and will never win a race, but that doesn’t matter. Running is my zen time and brings me peace.

So what you’ll find in this blog are things I see while running, interesting races, running news and the occasional recipe.  Sometimes you’ll get to read about the random thoughts I have when running — I get a lot of these thoughts during my long runs on the weekend.

I’ll also include some training stuff. When I’m gearing up for a fitness competition, my focus shifts to that so during those times, you’ll be hearing all about that. I’m pretty obsessive when it comes to training. Just ask my friends.

My goal with this blog is simple: inspire some runners to become adventurers and a few dreamers to become runners or get into fitness. And maybe one day we will run or compete together.

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