Ragnar Memories – from Miami to Key West

You would think my crazy daily life would be enough of an adrenaline high, but apparently not. I have push myself when on vacation too, which is why when I noticed that Ragnar Team U.S.A (Ultra Sexy Athletes) posted a desperate plea looking for a runner for the Key West Ragnar, I had to sign up.

I mean, how could I not? They needed a runner and I needed to run. Plus, a Ragnar in Florida meant I could hang out with my friend Kristen in Tampa the day before the race.  And no, I had no idea who these people were before I met them on race day, but that’s the beauty of Ragnars.  It’s a certain type of person that signs up for them, and those people are my people.



The race began in Miami and was going to end in Key West.  The six of us loaded up in Van 2 ready to go – all except one runner.  He was smiling and pretending to be positive, but he warned us that he hadn’t been feeling too good since the day before.  He had severe stomach pain, but was hoping by the time it was his turn to run that it would be better.

Two hours later, it was his time and he wasn’t looking any better, but no problem. It was a short leg, we could double up and do it for him.  An hour later and he was looking bad. Really bad.  While Van 1 did their runs, we quickly rushed him to the hospital for tests.  Turns out he had burst his small intestine and wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  His best friend, who was also a runner in our van, decided to stay behind with him in the hospital to make sure he was okay – because who wants to be in a strange city in the hospital by themselves?



But that meant we were down two runners.  The four of us in the van would need to make up their legs if we were going to finish this Ragnar.


What’s cool about Ragnar people is that when the going gets tough, the tough get running.  It never even occurred to the team to quit the Ragnar. Even though none of us had trained enough to run the 30 to 35 miles we would now have to do each, we never complained.  We looked at the legs, split them up and that was it. We were going to run this thing even if it hurt.


And it did hurt.  Running the extra miles during the second leg through the night wasn’t a big deal, but that third leg when we were running the doubles was not pretty.  The three of us (we let our driver off running duty so he could be alert enough to get the van where it needed to go) were running pretty slow at the end.  My hips were stiff from sweating and then sleeping in the van, and my toes hurt.  Don’t know why, but they did.


But we did it.  We completed a semi-ultra on the fly and we would do it again tomorrow.  Well, maybe not tomorrow, but in a week once my muscles stopped cramping up.

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