Everyone Needs a Marathon Massage

If you’ve been training for any type of running, cycling, NPC or Ironman event, then you need a marathon massage.  Really. You do.

A guy I met told me about them. He went on…and on…and on…about how wonderful they were. My reaction, “What are you talking about and are you sure?”

Turns out he was right. I needed a marathon massage.

I have no idea how he found out about these amazing massages, but they are heaven and not at all what you think.  First of all, they go on forever. Yes, forever….just like a marathon.

I’m telling you, a marathon massage doesn’t last 60 minutes or 90 minutes or even 120 minutes; they last hours.  In fact, Courtney, who specializes in marathon massages, won’t do any that are less than 3 hours long.  She actually recommends coming in for 6 to 8 hours and she’s serious about it.

I gave her a call not sure that I could sit still for more than 2 hours and she told me flat-out that “no,” the minimum time she could book a marathon massage was 3 hours – and even with that she could only do my back and glutes. What? Really?

Okay, so I had to admit I was intrigued. I booked a 3 hour session. She was right. I needed more time because the 3 hours slipped away like 5 minutes.  The massage was deep, but because everything is done at a slow pace, it’s not quite as painful as the deep tissue sports massages I usually get.  At the end I felt relaxed and properly tenderized.

So what do you get if you do book 8 hours? Well, you get full body, a snack break about halfway through and then you get dinner at the end (bonus!!!) as you’ll be so relaxed you won’t want to ruin it by cooking yourself.

Give it a try. It’s a little weird, but worth every minute.  The marathon massage therapist I went to in Phoenix was Courtney D. at 602-299-5375. She charged me $165 for 3 hours (you’ll have to ask her for her 8 hour rate). She will travel to Northern or Southern Arizona, but you’ll need to book a 5 hour massage at least and she’ll charge you an extra $75 for travel expenses.

Still a deal if you ask me.

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