Running just for fun…what a concept!

If you know me, then you know I’m competitive. Really competitive.  And not just with my fellow athletes, but with myself as well.  I have set fitness goals, race times and ridiculous deadlines. Even my training days have set goals that I set out to beat.

So when my friend Nicolette agreed to do the Color Me Rad 5km I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had never done a non-timed run before.  What a concept…a race that’s not a race. It’s just a run – for fun!!!

Nicolette and her dad met me at the race site the day of race.  Dressed in white, we donned our super cool plastic Color Me Rad sunglasses and prepared to run — which meant we lined up and took photos of each other.  If you haven’t done a Color Me Rad run, I totally recommend it.


Here’s how it works. You start off wearing white and as you run, you get sprayed with colored water or pelted (more like sprinkled) with powdered color bombs.  Totally fun and interactive. Plus, the entrance fee money goes to Ronald McDonald House so you’re getting all colorful for a good cause.  The one thing you shouldn’t do is wear a white sports bra.  I did and now it’s a splotchy pastel pink, blue and orange bra. Lovely.

Do you have to run? No…and I don’t think anyone really takes this race as a serious run.  You would almost be a party pooper if you raced your way through the 5 km.

Our trio jogged, walked, talked, posed for photos and then we repeated our jog-walk-pose routine. There was even one point in the race where we laid on the ground and took photos of ourselves. Then we rolled around in the colorful powder to look even more colorful — because that seemed to the be purpose of the run. Get dirty.

Of course, we did run through the finish line looking like Olympians – covered in pink, blue, yellow and orange dye.

Thanks, Nicolette, for making this the best race EVER!

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